Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 kicking off this autumn

Latest entry in Konami's footie series to feature South American championship, online management, improved AI.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will be kicking off this autumn, Konami confirmed today. The long-running football series is traditionally released in Europe at the end of October, though the Japanese publisher is yet to narrow the window for the 2010 release.

And you thought one Messi was hard to handle…
And you thought one Messi was hard to handle…

Pro Evolution Soccer has struggled both critically and commercially in recent years at the hands of EA's rival FIFA franchise, the latest incarnation of which shot to the number one position in the UK all-formats sales chart today. PES 2011 is being developed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii and PSP. It will feature Argentine wunderkind and current FIFA World Player of the Year Lionel Messi as its cover star.

For the first time, the franchise will officially feature the Copa Libertadores, South America's premier club football competition. The 2011 iteration will also feature expanded options for the Europa and Champions League, as well as increased difficulty settings. While there are several new game modes yet to be revealed, Konami did detail one addition: Master League Online. This will allow players to bid against each other for the world's top players "and attempt to build a squad that can compete with the best against online peers all over the globe."

Konami has promised that PES 2011 "will deliver a completely new footballing experience." According to the publisher, this will be achieved through AI improvement, and changes to the game's aesthetics, including a revamped animation system and greater control for the player over the speed at which the game is played. Konami made similar promises of AI improvements and player animations prior to the release of PES 2010, although critics found no significant improvement in either.

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Avatar image for Calilis

@ricardo-sene PES is your only chance of ever winning Libertadores, corintiano and remember, Ronaldo doesn't play anymore, he only makes guest appearances once in a while... soccer games without Libertadores are pointless, really

Avatar image for GobboFreak

I don't know what I'll be doing... Fifa 2011 or PES 2011, I've played FIfa since the 90's but since 2007 or so, the game hasn't changed at all (PC version that is), if not even gotten worse... Started PES since last season and quite liking it. Don't know about console games :S

Avatar image for deactivated-58ff87049f750

console versions and PC version same? or like FIFA.... (sorry for bad english)

Avatar image for msmasri8

I hope they will make an original name for every thing (English Clubs, Classic Teams, Classic Players: "Stoichkov, Romario, Baggio, Batistuta......etc",and make it enabled in the Master League mode). and thanks to Konami for this Game and for all versions of it.

Avatar image for JamesFTM

The thing that bothers me with both PES and FIFA these days is that they both seem quite pleased to sit on their respective laurels and not bother to innovate. Every year for the last few years we've had the same promises of 'improved core gameplay elements' and 'more realistic animations' and the like. These things only make very subtle differences to the gameplay. Compare this to EA's NHL series, which is one of my favourite sports games despite not being a massive hockey fan. Every year they introduce a number of new features which actually make a significant difference to the way the game feels and plays, rather than just being like a seasonal update. I went for PES 10 this year, as I think FIFA's gameplay is horrid in spite of all the excellent licenses and presentation, but I can see me not getting either of the 2011 instalments.

Avatar image for walterg74

What I wanna see, and I even wrote konami a couple of times (of course, mail's probably ignored..) is something like a "neighbourhood" game... A friendly match you can play with a friend where you can each take turns picking the players you want on your team, from ALL the available players, and build your own "dream tram" (unless of course your opponent on his turned picked a player you want! hehehe). Of course once someone picks a player, the opponent can't pick the same one... Player 1: picks Messi Player 2: pick Ronaldinho Player 1: picks Tevez And so on...

Avatar image for walterg74

@deycallmefigo They don't have to "fix" the comments, they just have to get some commentators that actually aren't dead... English commentators are the most BORING, un-enthusiastic people on earth.... Take the same game already released, (PES 2010) and listen to the mexican comentators, and they're a blast... funny, witty, excited when calling the plays... That's just the way it is in real life... english sport commentators are just plain sad.... :D

Avatar image for deycallmefigo

Seabass, work on the following and you will have yourself a best seller: 1. Commentary 2. multiplayer servers 3. Licenses 4. It would be nice but unnecessary to do the following: * Choosing a goal kick taker * Having a cart go into the stadium and pick an injured player up * Real life coaches Also player attributes: I remember Robert Pires was really underrated when he was at his prime, not that he's 36 he's pretty much the same player back in Pro Evolution Soccer 6 :D

Avatar image for benny1366

what happens to the kits ? KITS KITS KITS god damn it ! JAPAN is not a good country for making football game at all they just came to WC in 98 for the first time and bought 2002 with money and now they recently bought AFC !they know nothing about football just simulations !where r the kits GOD DAMN YOU Japs ! at least use FIFPRO u idiots ! im playing ur game for almost 10 yrs from 98 !IDIOTS with empty promises !

Avatar image for Arthas017

Like old times please, if you need to ignore new licenses, better graphics, etc to get great gameplay... so be it!

Avatar image for kusanagi_san

Please Mr. SEABASS, listen. For this 2011 iteration of PES, JUST FORGET about new game modes and new licenses. You know, a decade ago, FIFA had all the major licenses, the real kits, the real names, the real stadiums, the real sponsors, etc. However, FIFA wasn't number 1 soccer simulation at that time, simply because the gameplay was so arcade and was no close to reality, contrarily to ISS/PES, who was such a great soccer simulation in terms of gameplay, but had NOTHING official except a lame FIFPRO license that made it possible to use real european players names, minus Germany and Netherlands players later in the 2000s. What you should understand of this Mr. Seabass? Concentrate back on the gameplay! You have a good graphical engine, even better than FIFA's, good. You have some major European leagues and UEFA tournaments licenses, and now Libertadores one, thrice as good. BUT we used to buy PES instead of FIFA because and ONLY BECAUSE OF ITS GAMEPLAY. So PLEASE, stop saying the same bulls*** things, wake up man! You're ruining a big franchise, EA Sports are leading the soccer sim chart because they learned of your weaknesses, while you were promising us each year 5 new features only to find out that at the same time you actually removed 10 other features. If you keep believing that the PES name can always be used as a cashcow game/product no matter how you take care of it, go and check

Avatar image for AzulSoul

yes, yes, no bundesliga but Copa libertadores, i hope they have a reasonable amount of teams per country and not only the ones that will participate in the 2011 edition of the south american cup. c'mon Konami at least 5 teams por country ;). I hope Emelec be there, And please improve the coach of the master league, is terrible!!! or I'll never buy Aguero, hehehe

Avatar image for COD2-The_Pope

Now that they've got a few big tournaments they need to concentrate on getting the smaller licenses instead of focusing in order to improve the overall authentisity of the game. It really wouldn't hurt to get the licenses for every single team that is in these official tournaments, for example in the champians league/europa league, if they got the license for every team in the real life tournament into the game then it would create a far greater authentisity. Once they have these smaller licenses they can work on getting big ones like the entire premier league, coca-cola championship, bundesliga, etc. Also it wouldn't be very expensive to get the Hyundai A-League's license I shouldn't think, and I'd really like to see their take on that seeing as though (imo) FIFA have the ratings a bit wrong, i mean I know the quality is lacking quite a bit but come on, there should be a few teams at a 2 star rating.

Avatar image for leonardo_soldi

I hope the Master League mode, that is maintained form that was made in PES 2010, because at first moment, I did not like, however now that I see that in the 2015-2016 season is very good!!

Avatar image for ACWH

Both FIFA and PES need to make significant improvements. Both games have serious flaws that aren't addressed and until either one steps up and does this, football games are just not worth the money. £40 every year for the same rubbish with updated graphics says that the studios are taking us (the punters) for mugs.

Avatar image for mirgen709

I except in Pes 2011 more real stadiums then Pes 2010.for me in Pes 2010 the colour of Areas in Old traford,Camp Nou,is not Like original stadium.for me my favorite stadium in Pes 10 is Anfield.Anfield in Pes 10 is Original like Original Anfield.I expect more fast game in Pes 11.More realistic.More Realistic Colours Stadiums,Tifosis,faces and High Tecture Detail.Please Konami dont dissapoint ass..

Avatar image for djole82

New game, old promises, we will see...

Avatar image for ricardo-sene

wow.. Copa Libertadores!! Now I can play with Ronaldo at Corinthians against River, Velez or BAMBIS

Avatar image for deactivated-5794c80d29e7d

KONAMI....please make the Master League much better! I think it's the only edge of fifa! and please update the commentator. cause sometimes I hear wrong comments.

Avatar image for shkar

I was a fan of PES since 1998 uo until 2010 when I tried the PES2010 and it's a major let down for me,,,,,although there's FIFA 10 which is great but still I am waiting for the KONAMI team and giving them one last chance to correct the cliches in the game like the very slow Resonse of the player for shooting and passing for example...

Avatar image for Dukard

Konami needs to change the team handling the PES series. Plus gettings some of those team licenses wont hurt. Stadiums too.

Avatar image for psychomas

Cmon keep up with the times konami! You can do it in 2011! You made me play fifa for the past 2 years! All your fault!!

Avatar image for racing1750

Please get it right this year konami!

Avatar image for scotwolf

pro evo was my footie game of choice for many years, the last couple of years it has fallen behind fifa in terms of quality,options, promotion and thus sales. i still enjoy playing pes but many on my friends on live bought fifa last year and not pes, i struggle to even get my teenage boys to give me a game. i hope the manage to bring it back to its former glory we need decent competition for fifa.

Avatar image for ahpuck

I'm really hoping Konami gets it right this year.

Avatar image for Vikthorious

COPA LIBERTADORES!?!?!? this is awesome and great news, finally south american teams will be in the game other than river and boca!!! i hope there will be more ecuadorian teams, like liga de quito and barcelona s. c.

Avatar image for Jonny7892

I know these words but they don't make sense in that order!

Avatar image for ghandi16

I long for the glory days of PES to return, PES 6 in my opinion has been the greatest football game I've played, the added banter of random form when playing with your mates forcing you to do squad rotation even in simple exhibition matches is a fantastic mechanic. But there's no doubt in the matter that FIFA has easily been the superior game in the last two years, I can only hope konami can pull it out of the bag this year, however my hopes aren't high

Avatar image for MATERAZZI_23

I'm very excited about Master League Online :D Can't wait to find out more about it!

Avatar image for niklev83

Awesome news...!!! I would also want a "Winning Eleven" iteration and how about a "Goal Storm" comeback... hehe (I know they're essentially the same game but that would accentuate my collection!) ... ;)

Avatar image for Dan21278

For me it will never surpass FIFA

Avatar image for FaintRain

no matter how many PESs they make i buy them and i never get bored of it,and you'll laugh if you know that i'm not that big soccer fan lol

Avatar image for santinodrake

PES>FIFA.BUNDESLIGA should be included in PES 2o11

Avatar image for DNOMYTE

Hey d-bags how bout you wait until the game is released before you say Konami is full of false promises, this could be the year they make a comeback. What can everyone else see in the future but me? get the F! outta here!

Avatar image for elzzon

they said all this last time and then what?? none of it was in the game fifa for me this year

Avatar image for Uncharted_Baihh

I hope they put in proper name for every league

Avatar image for valensim

i hope they will make it better then PES 10

Avatar image for neildneil

VERY cautious about this... I try not to be biased about games, but when it comes to FIFA vs PES, I have been a massive PES fanboy. It wasn't unfounded though, as up until PES 08, this was one of the best game series ever, and FIFA was nowhere near. This gen, however, I find myself having to defend PES to everyone I know, and cannot justify playing it anymore. PES09 and PES10 were not good games. EASports definitely made the best football games those years, which is a real shame, because I am not a fan of the way FIFA plays... I feel like I don't have much control over my players, whereas, in the glory years of the PES series, I felt I had total control, and could only get angry at myself when I lost. For the last few years, I have been clinging on to the hope that PES will outdo FIFA. I'm not saying I'd hope for the FIFA games to be bad but it would be great for the consumer if PES outdid it, as I think PES plays a much better game of football, but in the last few years, a number of frustrating glitches, limited animations, and just about every game ending up in being a terribly scrappy affair have seen FIFA become the default choice for a game of console football.

Avatar image for Ken_Masters_

I am expecting this with all my life, because I always love PES and this year I am playing the competitor, but I am not enjoying the competitor. So I want the PES like the game always was, the king of soccer...

Avatar image for m7oda10

PES is looking very promising this year Seriously maybe even surpass fifa

Avatar image for mirgen709

Yes... inchabolas9000 has right.FIFA have a lot of variety compared with PES.Fifa have almost all of Stadiums.Pes have only 21.Fifa is faster then Pes.For my opinion is a cool thing that Pes 2010 will show a coach during the game like Fifa World Cup South Africa 2010.Please Pes dont disappoint because i played ISS since 2000 and i dont want to change it with fifa.I expect finaly that Pes 2011 to be a uanderful gameplay.and better than Fifa.Please Konami give as that pleasure..

Avatar image for inchabolas9000

The problem of PES is that has a few variety of leagues compared with FIFA that have a lot!!!! And one more thing is not SOCCER is FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

Avatar image for hany-gamer08

does who hates FOOTBALL "soccer" doesn't know any thing about it or sports in general.

Avatar image for hany-gamer08

please don't disappoint

Avatar image for cocowawa_tog

i think the series lacked originality for the past 2-3 years but still dont think FIFA has a superior game. i play both equally when they come out but PES always the one i stick to until the new edition.

Avatar image for AnelZukic

And like last year I will get both Fifa 2011 and PES 2011 :) and I will judge which one is better, the last two years Fifa was better, but Fifa wasn't so superior like the critics made it look :) I would never leave PES aside, because I played it since 1998, lots of memories with it :)

Avatar image for mf1986

i sortaf lost my faith on the PES team. 09 was average, 10 was BAD.

Avatar image for monson21502

arrg. so many soccer games. so little football games to choose from :(

Avatar image for Kan0nF0dder

I preferred PES 2010, to Fifa 2010 - it wasn't like 09, where fifa was superior. The thing is, after the 09 fiasco most people/critics gave up on PES, and they didn't give it a fair chance in 2010 - you have to have played around 100hrs+ before it all really starts to click with the controls, but once it does click you again realise how much more hardcore it is than fifa.

Avatar image for Nenad87

PES is no longer the best soccer simulation. i was great fan but the last good PES was 2007. at the moment FIFA is the best soccer simulation and if KONAMI don't change the entire game it will stay that way.

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