Pro Evo Soccer kickoff set for 3DS launch

North American version of Konami football sim hits March 25, two days before Nintendo's new handheld goes on sale.


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While Nintendo has been cagey about its own lineup of day-one launch titles for the March 27 North American launch of the 3DS, its third-party partners are gradually filling in the gaps. Capcom has confirmed Super Street Fighter IV for launch, while Electronic Arts committed to having its Madden NFL series represented straight out of the gates. One more title can be added to the list, as Konami has confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D will debut in North America on March 25.

That's a whole mess of Messi.
That's a whole mess of Messi.

While PES 2011 3D has now been confirmed for the US and Japanese launches of the 3DS, the game is expected to trail the system's debut in Europe. Last month, Konami penciled the game in as a second-quarter release, putting it at least a week after the 3DS makes its European debut on March 25.

PES 2011 3D marks the first time Konami has released a Pro Evo game on a Nintendo handheld since Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on the DS. Unlike that version, the new game will feature full commentary, UEFA Champions League and Master League game modes, and a roster of 60 national and 170 club teams. The game will also make use of the 3DS's Street Pass feature, silently simulating matches between players' teams when their systems come within range of one another and unlocking classic players and teams in the process.

For more on the latest installment of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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