Pro Beach Soccer announced

Wanadoo releases the first information on its upcoming beach soccer game.


Wanadoo, Pam Development, and Magic Pockets have today released the first information on the previously unannounced Pro Beach Soccer, which is currently in development for the PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Game Boy Advance. Featuring stadiums in Rio, Marseilles, Venice Beach, and Bangkok, Pro Beach Soccer has been designed in conjunction with the Beach Soccer Federation and, as such, will feature 32 teams of real-life players such as Eric Cantona, Julio Salinas, and Daniele Massaro, as well as all the official rules of the sport.

Played on soft sand, beach soccer is a fast-paced five-a-side sport played over three periods of 12 minutes each with an average of around 11 goals scored in every match. Adding to the authenticity of the game will be pitch-side DJs who not only comment on the current match but also do their best to keep the crowds entertained with hot tunes.

Wanadoo is promising that Pro Beach Soccer will be easy to pick up and play and that the game will feature numerous different gameplay modes, including an exhibition mode, a survival mode, a tour mode, and a custom competition editor. The game will allow up to four players to compete simultaneously, although the GBA version of the game will only feature link-cable support for two players.

All four versions of Pro Beach Soccer are scheduled for release in Europe on May 27. No North American release for the game has been confirmed at this time, but we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available.

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