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Princess Peach: Showtime Joy-Con Bundle Comes With A Pair Of Cute Scrunchies

Princess Peach: Showtime releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 22.


Princess Peach: Showtime launches tomorrow on Nintendo Switch, marking the princess's first time in a starring role since 2005. It'll see you following her journey as she becomes a swordfighter, ninja, detective, and even a pastry chef as she fends off Grape and the Sour Bunch. Multiple retailers have exclusive, limited-time bonuses you can get alongside the game. Depending on your location, you can still get release-day delivery for Princess Peach: Showtime via Amazon Prime. And if you don't mind waiting for your copy to arrive, you can save $10 on your preorder.

Princess Peach: Showtime preorder bonuses

Princess Peach: Showtime Best Buy preorder bonus
Princess Peach: Showtime Best Buy preorder bonus

If you preorder the physical or digital edition of Princess Peach: Showtime at Best Buy, you'll get the acrylic display stand shown above. Surprisingly, the acrylic stand preorder bonus is still available, so be sure to swing by and reserve a copy while you can.

Meanwhile, preorders at Walmart come with a Princess Peach Hair Scrunchie Set, while Target is offering a cup wrapped in Showtime graphics if you pick the game up in-store at launch. Note that Target has sold out of preorders online, so your mileage may vary depending on your location. If you're interested in getting a Princess Peach: Showtime cup at launch, consider calling your store to verify its availability.

All Princess Peach wants is to enjoy her visit at the Sparkle Theater, but the villainous Grape and the Sour Bunch are up to no good. After Grape "steals the show," Peach assists the Sparkle Theater guardian Stella by starring in a variety of theatrical roles.

Since each role is quite different from the last, Princess Peach: Showtime offers some interesting gameplay variety. Peach's roles will see her become a classical swordfighter, martial arts master, pastry chef, and a detective tasked with solving a mystery at a museum.

Our Princess Peach: Showtime review gave the game a 7/10, thanks to its unique mash-up of genres and its inviting design.

"Princess Peach Showtime is a friendly, inviting game that's made to be easy to digest," wrote critic Steve Watts. "Some of the genres work better than others in this format, but none of them are too tricky or off-putting, and most of it will come down to personal taste. None of these stages are fleshed out enough to support their own game, but they're an invitation for novice gamers to explore a bunch of different game types, with a charming (and apparently polymath) princess offering her gloved hand to welcome them in."

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