Prince of Persia charges onto Live

Gameloft's take on Jordan Mechner's Persian platformer available on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday.


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First leaked by the German equivalent of the Entertainment Software Rating Board in April, Prince of Persia Classic will hit Xbox Live Marketplace this Wednesday. Gamers can expect to fork over 800 Microsoft points ($10) to experience this classic anew.

Developed by Gameloft, which heretofore has focused on mobile platforms, the remake's major alteration is that it will now be rendered in full 3D. The updated graphics will impact character designs, animations, and other visuals, but the original 2D gameplay will stay much the same.

However, Prince of Persia Classic won't be entirely old hat, as new puzzles and enemies have been added. Gameloft is also including three different game modes: normal mode, where players have unlimited time and saves available at the end of each level; time attack mode, where players must beat the game in under 60 minutes; and survival mode, where players must beat the game in under 60 minutes without dying. Prince of Persia Classic also adds 12 achievements into the mix, and each gameplay mode will have its own leaderboard.

Jordan Mechner's original Prince of Persia platformer was released on the Apple II in 1989. The game was noted for its agonizing level of difficulty, as pinpoint precision was required to navigate the many pitfalls preventing the prince from rescuing the princess. Adding to the difficulty was a strict one-hour time limit, which forced players to forgo caution in the interest of time.

Prince of Persia Classic has been rated T for Teen. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's latest preview.

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Avatar image for ffgothic

Gotta get this, I'm a huge fan of the POP franchise!

Avatar image for TTDog

I'll pass, although with Speedball 2 supposedly hitting XBL in August I may have to go get some more points.

Avatar image for NeoNavarro

Cool stuff, it's just a shame I never played any of the Prince of Persia games.

Avatar image for SnuffDaddyNZ

What a shame, I would have totally bought this if it had remained fully untouched.

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Avatar image for soundofspeet

Jebril, as much as I don't mind the concept of the VC, it's bland without achievements and leaderboards. Xbox Live Arcade is just better because it breeds original efforts as well as classics. I'm hooked. I'm going to have a hard time playing anything on another console the same way ever again...

Avatar image for Jebril

This is the diffrence between the Virtual Console and XBLA, VC gives you a port with no additions. XBLA gives you a new remake in 3D with new modes and an online leader board to compare your scores. And both are around the same prices. Last time I made this point everyone disagreed with me. WHY? Because most of the people who actually research games online are Nintendo/Sony I don't want to say fanboys, how about supporters. Most people who enjoy Xbox 360 are old enough to have a full time job, going to college (me), or are too busy on Live to care.

Avatar image for mikekare79

I love that all these platforms are letting us download the old greats. I'm getting this for sure!

Avatar image for c_rakestraw

I remember playing this when I was younger, this really makes want to play it.

Avatar image for haloj

Looks wonderful. It's a shame that they felt they had to make some of the floor buttons more obvious with glowing symbols as it will make it easier. I played this game for ages when I was younger. I don't think I have the disks any more though.

Avatar image for chrisdojo

even though i STILL have the original mac floppy discs from prince of persia 1 & 2, i think i might get this b/c of the great visual update. hopefully other companies will follow suit with their re-releasing.

Avatar image for WaylanderFW

now this is how you make a remake!!

Avatar image for JBiker51

Finally, I can stop messing with my PC to try and play the original, and play it with sweet graphics! Why the first one, though? Prince of Persia 2 was much better if you ask me, though undoubtedly harder.

Avatar image for onlineps2player

Ahh... I'd get this game if I only had a 360..... :?

Avatar image for Lord_Daemon

ralphikari ~ Karateka also rocked hard on the Atari computers and yes Datasoft's Bruce Lee was amazing and deserves a remake as well. Gotta love those "honking" sumo!

Avatar image for football_legend

Cool, gonna get it.

Avatar image for Irve

Looking forward to another world and flashback to get tarted up an put in XBL. obviously some classics are an exception but all this VC stuff is far too expensive. one day all these XBL games will come on a disk at sensible money .. till then i'm not paying for games i'll play for about 30 minutes and never touch again

Avatar image for blackace

I loved Prince of Persia. They should have released the original and sequel for $10. That would have been worth my purchase. I beat the first one, but never did finish the 2nd, which was a pain in the butt. I too loved OUT OF THIS WORLD. The ending was great. I never did beat the sequel however, which was a lot harder. I still have both games locked up somewhere. Maybe I'll drag them out and give them another run through. Both games are very hard to find now. I remember Karateka as well. That game was way too short though . You could beat that in less then 2 hrs easily. All these games were great and didn't even have stellar graphics. Just awesome gameplay and puzzles.

Avatar image for decebal

I can't wait. This is THE ONLY thing that actually makes me excited to own a 360.

Avatar image for NightRain

Cool, but I won't be getting it.

Avatar image for drangel_jam

this game is looking awesome!

Avatar image for km1498

This game sounds better and better with every update. Never played the original but definitely will be picking this one up.

Avatar image for NinjaFoot

Covert8700 wrote: "NOT a good game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It's not a good game if you dont like some old school challenge that doesnt hold your hand. For people who DO it's an excellent game.

Avatar image for Covert8700

NOT a good game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for munsoned

its gonna be hard to beat the new pacman for arcade/ vc game of the year. i never tried any of these games might check this 1 out

Avatar image for godamus187

Giddy Giddy Giddy Alll Riiiigggghhhhtt!

Avatar image for GizmoVirus


Avatar image for Sonicgod

I don’t think there is any game more frustrating and annoying than he old prince old Persia no matter what I played I on DOS PC Sega CD it dont matter the controls are stiff and makes tomb raider look like a graceful swan. Getting everything right with in the time limit with the stiff prince guy was not all that fun then and unless they fixed it even less now.. If people whine about the XBOX and new ninja gaiden Since xbox ninja gaiden is not that hard anyway I finished it and compared to the NES games it is a breeze to complete. Then all the little new game playing punks out there will throw a fit over this and start crying when they play prince of persia. THis is one of the rare points when i like the 3d prince of perisa for xbox better than the old 2d one I will not buy it unless they made major improvements to the way the game plays.

Avatar image for Ryuketsu2043

8.9 from ign..sounds great

Avatar image for Kayrod29

ok ok but wheres Bomberman Live?

Avatar image for Pete5506

Wow thats alot of money for that

Avatar image for PseudoFinrod

10 bucks?!! That's a little much...why don't they charge something like $7 for old games like these that have just gotten a facelift? Castlevania: SOTN is the only game I've played so far that was worth the $10 I paid for it (I did just buy Outpost Kaloki X for that much- I really enjoyed the demo, but it remains to be seen if the full game is worth the money I paid...). Seriously, why don't they charge something in BETWEEN $5 and $10 for some of the XBLA games?

Avatar image for jesus_knight

800 microsoft points?.......... mmmmm seems a little bit expensive if you ask me

Avatar image for MChammertime05

definitely going to pay $10 for this lol

Avatar image for nccpeter

Why bother, this was a free unlockable in the sands of time version.

Avatar image for supersonic125

who cares for this game , where's fatal fury 2 and sonic the hedgehog, another lame week

Avatar image for FearNeutron

Why is everyone freaking about about the 1 hour time limit? You all make it sound like that's your only option. If you read the news post again, more carefully this time, you'll see that "Normal Mode" has no time limit. If you want the extra challenge of trying to beat it in an hour, go for it. If not, play the normal way. =\

Avatar image for MetroidBounty

Due to the Difficulty of this game I don't see it doing so well. Save 10 dollars and buy something you wont give up on after ten minutes of playing the game.

Avatar image for VladimirCrow

How much is it? I am getting it...

Avatar image for headcrab

I know the 60 minute time limit is misleading to a lot of people who haven't played the original. This game is hard -- really hard. I think it took me at least 15-20 hours to finish the game the first time. That's well worth $10. You'll be lucky to finish in under an hour if you know the levels like the back of your hand and have memorized most of the traps. If you never played the original, expect at least ten hours if your reflexes are top-notch. EDIT: And btw, I really hope Shadow and the Flame follows this. I love PoP's sequel and would definitely pay for that one as well.

Avatar image for okassar

That's going to be the best X360 arcade game since Castlevania.

Avatar image for ralphikari

Lord_Daemon : "Now if only they would administer this sort of treatment to Karateka." The original PoP was awesome across all platforms but Karateka only rocked on the Apple][. The NES port was terrible and the Amiga one was just disastrous. I'm getting this and I want Karateka and Datasoft's Bruce Lee! :cry:

Avatar image for R3V3N4N7

Damn I need points.

Avatar image for taylor888

im gettin it, I know that

Avatar image for reckeweg

sweet, lookin forward to this one.

Avatar image for thekey

LETS ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for Daytona_178

well like i say, the more games the better!

Avatar image for mezztro113

Looks great and will be fun, but $10 for one hour seems a bit much. I will be buying it regardless.

Avatar image for EmptySki

this is going to be awesome for live users.

Avatar image for mooseman721

Not paying for this, but i would for flashback!!!! Somebody do flashback!!!

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