Prince of Persia Back in 3D

The popular game that put you in the Arabian hot seat is coming back.


Red Orb Entertainment has confirmed that it is working on Prince of Persia 3D, the sequel to the award-winning Prince of Persia games created by Jordan Mechner. The new title will be released sometime in early 1999.

Prince of Persia 3D will be a third-person, real-time action-adventure game featuring an Arabian Nights-like storyline co-authored by Mechner. The gameplay will be much like its predecessor with realistic animation and a simple interface for moving around and sword fighting. The game will benefit from a new 3D engine.

"Up until today, very few people, even within the company, knew that the project was in the pipeline," said Ken Goldstein, Broderbund's vice president of entertainment and general manager of Red Orb Entertainment. "There's been a lot of anticipation in the industry, so it's nice to finally let the world know."

Red Orb will be showing POP3D to the public during E3 in Atlanta.

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