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Prime Video App Gets Biggest Redesign In Years

The redesign will roll out this week on TVs and Android devices.


Amazon is introducing some overdue TLC to its Prime Video interface for streaming devices, smart TVs, and Android devices that will ax the text-based tabs on top of the screen for an icon-based navigation on the side. On Monday, the streaming service unveiled a redesign that's been 18 months in the making to help users find what they want to watch more quickly.

The new redesign--Prime Video's most significant change in its UI in nearly a decade--also includes a bigger carousel for Amazon Originals with maturity ratings and 10 charts for titles in your local region. Also streamlined and easier to access is the ability to view what's currently airing on Live TV from your subscribed channels, free with ads for Amazon's FreeVee service, and your watchlists and purchases.

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"It's important for us that customers understand the breadth of choice that they have and understand the benefit of using the Prime Video application for all of their streaming," Helena Cerna, an Amazon director of product management, told the New York Times in an interview. In a blog post, Amazon said the overhaul would make Prime Video "less busy and overwhelming."

Noticeably, this UI overhaul seemingly helps Prime Video "catch up" to how competing apps like Netflix look. That, explained Cerna, was intentional. "We really wanted to make the Prime Video experience effortless and delightful and easy to use," Cerna said. "And part of ease of use is familiarity. So in instances where, you know, there are established patterns in the wild, we leverage those."

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