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Prime Day: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is $50 Right As Minecraft Steve Joins

You can pick up the massive brawler mash-up for an unusually low price right for Prime Day as the latest DLC character hits Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has just added its newest DLC character, the block-breaking Steve from Minecraft. If you have yet to catch up with Nintendo's brawler mash-up, you can pick it up at a discount during the Amazon Prime Day 2020 festivities.

This deal is an anti-Prime Day sale offer available through Amazon's competitor, Best Buy. It brings the price of Smash Bros. Ultimate down to $50 from the usual $60. The price is shown in your shopping cart, and you can arrange for pickup at your local store or have it shipped.

That $50 gets you the original roster, which is already the biggest in Smash Bros. history. But Nintendo has also added several DLC characters across two Fighters Passes. The second Fighters Pass ($30) is still in progress, but so far has included Min Min from Arms and Steve from Minecraft. Four more fighters have yet to be revealed. Each fighter can be purchased a la carte for $6.

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