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Prime Day: Save On WiFi Extender, Boost Your Signal Reach For Your Gaming Needs

Buying a WiFi extender is a good way of boosting the range of your router so that the signal reaches all the corners of your home.


As part of Amazon Prime Day, the TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender is discounted to $17 USD. That's not a bad price if you're looking to boost the range of your existing WiFi router.

The TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender is normally priced at $30 on Amazon, but Prime members get a 33% discount that knocks the price down to $20. On top of that, for Prime Day, the extender is $3 off, reducing it to the price of $17.

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Boosting the range of your WiFi router is good if you live in a large space, especially one that has lots of hallways and walls--those will typically bounce and weaken the router's signal, to the point that rooms furthest from the router will have a slow connection. An extender helps with that, boosting the strength of the signal so that it can go further.

Plus, this extender comes with an ethernet port. So if your smart TV, PC, or gaming console (and if you're looking for best Amazon Prime Day gaming deals, we have you covered) is located several rooms away from your router, you can use this extender to give your hardware a wired connection without the need to buy a lengthy ethernet cable.

Quick note: There is a newer model of the TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender. It's also on Amazon, but it's not a part of Prime Day and so it doesn't have a discount beyond the one you get for being a Prime member. The newer model is priced at $20 on Amazon, and with a Prime subscription, it's discounted to $18.

So if you're willing to splurge a little bit, for one additional dollar you can nab the newer model. Just something to consider if you got a dollar to burn.

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