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Prime Day: Nintendo Switch Is On Sale For $265 At Ebay

Grab it while you can.


[Update: This deal has sold out.]

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is underway and several other retailers and stores have responded with their own limited-time sales to compete with the online giant. Walmart has a great deal on Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, and Rightstuf is offering steep discounts on anime Blu-rays and collectibles. Ebay is getting in on the action too with its deals, and the website is currently promoting a great discount for anyone looking for a new Nintendo Switch console.

The Nintendo Switch typically has a retail price of $300. Right now, on Ebay, there's a brand-new Nintendo Switch selling for $265. Of course, the final price will fluctuate depending on where you live in the US, as each state has different tax policies. Regardless, that's a pretty steep discount, especially considering the rarity that Switch consoles go on sale.

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See Nintendo Switch deal at Ebay

This isn't the first discounted Nintendo Switch to become available on Ebay during Prime Day--the previous deal, which featured the neon red/blue Joy-Con edition, offered the console for $351 and sold out incredibly fast. So don't wait long to grab this deal, as there's no knowing when the Switch will be marked down again. So far, Amazon and other major retailers haven't discounted the console on its own, only offered it in various bundles with different perks. You check out those deals and more in our Prime Day Nintendo Switch roundup.

The aforementioned Switch console discount brings the price of a normal Switch closer to that of a Switch Lite, a completely handheld version of Nintendo's current generation console. The Switch Lite comes in three colors--grey, blue, and yellow--and features an actual D-pad. However, the handheld device is smaller than the traditional Switch, can't be docked, and is unable to play certain Switch game (like Super Mario Party).

If you're also looking for games to play on your new Switch, Amazon's Prime Day 2019, Ebay's Hot Days Sale, and GameStop's Summer Sale are all offering discounts on dozens of titles. In terms of exclusives, some of the best options are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for $50 and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee for $30. There are third-party titles on sale as well. You can grab Tales of Vesperia - Definitive Edition for $30, for instance, and the pre-order price for Wolfenstein: Youngblood - Deluxe Edition has been cut down to $32.84.

We're compiling all of the best deals going on right now, from anime Blu-rays to tabletop games and Funko Pops to PC accessories. If you're in the market for something new, look below to see if you might be able to buy it at a discount.

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