Prime Day Free Games: Mass Effect Legendary Edition, 3 Star Wars Games, And More

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite free subscription-based giveaway promotion on the Citadel.


Amazon Prime Day is known for offering limited-time deals on games, but in a few cases, the retailer is just giving games away. That's the case for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, along with Grid Legends, Need for Speed Heat, and dozens of others.

The freebies are being offered through Prime Gaming, which as you might guess, is Amazon's gaming program for members of its Prime subscription service. If you're already a Prime member to take advantage of other subscriber perks, you can go ahead and claim them now.

If you're not a Prime member, a subscription will cost you $14.99 per month, or $139 per year. That includes other benefits like Prime shipping, access to Amazon Prime streaming service and original programming, and music. But you can also just sign up for a free 30-day trial to sample the Prime service and see what you think, as well as to claim the free games.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the headliner of the group, given that it's the remastered collection of three highly-acclaimed RPGs. The Mass Effect trilogy from BioWare takes place in the distant future, after mankind has started to explore the galaxy and joined the galactic civilization of other advanced races. As a customizable Commander Shepard of the human space fleet, you discover an extraterrestrial threat and lead a diverse group of species against it. The series is known for its rich combat and deep, branching story featuring multiple ways you can interact with your crew.

Prime Gaming is offering more than 30 games for the month of July, so check out the full list of Prime freebies to see which ones strike your fancy. And for even more about Prime Day and all its associated discounts, be sure to check out all of our Amazon Prime Day deals.

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