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Prime Day Deal: Get This Phone Clip For Xbox Cloud Gaming For Just 10 Bucks

Prime Day offers an ideal solution for playing games on your phone, including streaming titles through Xbox Game Pass.


Whether or not you're someone who has traditionally played games on your phone, the emergence of cloud streaming has opened a new potential reason to start doing so. Streaming from Xbox Game Pass, in particular, might be quite the appealing proposition, but to make the most of it, you'll want an easy way to use a controller with your phone--and that's where this Amazon Prime Day deal comes in.

Right now, the PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip is $5 off, dropping its price to a mere $10. The MOGA gaming clip is one of the best phone controller clips you can buy if you're planning to use an Xbox controller. It should work with most phones, provided that it's no wider than 3.12 inches (79mm), meaning it should accommodate even a larger device like the just-announced iPhone 12 Pro Max, Google Pixel XL, or Samsung Galaxy S9+.

This gaming clip essentially holds your phone in place, allowing you to see the screen easily as you keep your hands on the controller. It doesn't connect the two; you'll still need to rely on Bluetooth for that, meaning much older Xbox One controllers won't work here.

As noted above, this is an ideal pairing for Xbox Game Pass members, who now have access to xCloud streaming on Android devices. Apple rules have prevented an equivalent option from emerging on iOS, although Microsoft will reportedly offer a browser-based solution to let you stream games to your iPhone or iPad next year. Of course, this clip can also be used for playing games on other streaming services (like Stadia, enabling toilet-based visits to Xur in Destiny 2) or standard mobile games that support physical controllers.

You'll want to act quickly if you're interested, as Prime Day ends today, October 14. There are still a ton of deals to be had across Amazon and other retailers as part of the many anti-Prime Day sales out there, including those at Walmart and Best Buy.

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