Prime alleges that Tt-esports has not paid them for 4 months

In a letter addressed to onGamers, Prime has stated that they have not been paid from January to April by the peripheral company Thermaltake esports.


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Prime has alleged that they have not been paid by Thermaltake esports (Tt esports). In a letter addressed to onGamers, Prime claims that they have not been paid by the peripheral company for the period of January - April 2014. Prime states that they have received the money for May 2014 but not the aforementioned period.

Sources close to the ongoing dispute have stated that although Tt privately agrees that Prime has done no wrong, they will still not pay due to the company believing that the exposure generated by Prime was inadequate for the payment. Furthermore, sources state that allegations by Tt esports about not receiving pictures are unfounded as the cause of said pictures not being transferred was due to the former Tt esports Global eSports Coordinator's inability to figure out the new email system.

Tt esports initially signed the contract with Prime in June 2012 during the golden age of Starcraft 2 for six months. The contract was then extended to two years with collaboration for limited edition Prime items. Both parties have had an amicable relationship until the beginning of the 2014 year where Prime states that Tt esports began to delay payments. Park "Gerrard" Oi Shik stated that Prime was "not paid for last 4 months(from Jan. to Apr.) and they are keeping their position that they will not make the payments with some reasons we don’t understand" and that he "didn’t expect the relationship would end like this with the long term partner."

onGamers has contacted Paul Lin, the current manager of Prime relations for Tt esports for Tt's side of the story but have not received any response at the time of publication. Gerrad hopes that "this issue to be solved in a good way."

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