Prey Will Have "A Wide Variance" Of Endings

"There are definitely multiple endings."


Your actions will dictate the ending you see in the upcoming Prey, according to developer Arkane Studios.

Speaking with GameSpot, lead designer Ricardo Bare revealed Prey has more than one ending. "How you treat the human beings on the station matters," he explained. "There are consequences throughout and at the end, especially for what you do with the survivors that you meet.

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"There are definitely multiple endings--a wide variance. There's two main branches, mostly centered around the fate of the space station and the survivors, but then within those branches, there's tons of little permutations."

Despite carrying the same name as 2006's Human Head Studios-developed Prey, the new game is unrelated. Creative director Raphael Colantonio said last year that it has "no tie with the original," a sentiment that Bare reiterated in our interview. Asked if there would be any callbacks to the original, he told us, "No, this game exists totally on its own."

Prey is due out on May 5 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, publisher Bethesda announced recently. It's in development at Arkane's Austin, Texas studio, which is separate from its team responsible for the Dishonored games. For more, check out our new hands-on preview.

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