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Prey 2 in limbo, says dev

Human Head designer says upcoming first-person shooter not canceled, but its fate uncertain.


Prey 2 is in limbo. That's according to Human Head lead level designer Nathan Cheever, who said recently over Twitter that the upcoming first-person shooter has not been canceled, but its fate has yet to be determined.

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Cheever's comments follow word from publisher Bethesda in April, when it was confirmed the game was not canceled, but would not ship in 2012 due to "quality issues."

A Bethesda representative told GameSpot, "We don't have an update on Prey 2. Will let you know when we do."

Bethesda first announced that it had enlisted developer Human Head to create the first-person shooter sequel last year, building around a new alien abductee protagonist and a variety of gameplay adjustments. The developers had planned to ditch multiplayer in favor of a focused single-player campaign, and eschewed the discrete levels of the original in favor of an open-world format. Additionally, players could take a variety of approaches to solve their problems, from using brute force to more diplomatic means.

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