Prey 2 feeding on 360, PS3, PC

Bethesda Softworks teams with Human Head on sequel to gravity-defying, astral-projecting first-person shooter in 2012.


Duke Nukem Forever may be the undisputed champion as far as absurd release timelines go, but 3D Realms certainly had a competitor in another of its properties, Prey. First concocted by 3D Realms in the mid-'90s, the game was eventually given over to Human Head Studios, which along with 2K Games took it to the finish line in 2006. For its follow-up, Human Head has cut that development cycle in half.

Spirits and the spirits were themes throughout Prey.
Spirits and the spirits were themes throughout Prey.

Today, Bethesda Softworks announced that Prey 2 will arrive for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in 2012. The Prey IP was acquired by Bethesda Softworks parent ZeniMax Media in mid-2009, and the publisher subsequently filed US trademark applications to use the property in a variety of mediums, ranging from video games to TV shows to comic books.

Bethesda did not indicate what gamers can expect from Prey 2, saying only that the game would be developed by Human Head and make use of an unspecified id Software engine--presumably the id Tech 5 engine powering the studio's own title, Rage. The publisher noted that first details for the game will arrive in the May issues of the Official Xbox Magazine and PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

Prey tells the story of Cherokee garage mechanic Tommy Hawk, who fights to defend Earth from an alien invasion with the aid of his Native American astral-projection powers. Much of the action takes place on board a gigantic alien vessel, with features such as gravity-defying walkways and interdimensional portals.

For more on the history of Prey, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

Sadly, Prey 2 may never see the light of day, with Zenimax putting the game on hold. it really looked awesome, too. What a shame.

Avatar image for Readial

Wow, outta nowhere did this game go "Hi.", a pleasant surprise indeed. An eye is open for this game.

Avatar image for akiwak

Back when there was nothing really good to play, Prey provided some entertainment!

Avatar image for percuvius2

Awesome! Wondered where this game went. I loved Prey and I'll gobble this one up too!

Avatar image for ditto202

i would buy a prey2 most def especially since i got prey a little bit to late to try out the multiplayer unfortuneately

Avatar image for GT_APE

I thought the original was very cool and innovative. Hope they keep going in that direction.

Avatar image for happynoodleboy7

Maybe they'll make death feel like more of a punishment than the light disapproving finger wag it was in the first game.

Avatar image for Hillsy_

The first one made me feel dizzy. Round 'n' round, up and down. Even though I say that, the level design was actually the best thing about this game for me. Though it did give me a headache. Hmmm..The ending was disappointing for me too, but the lead up to it was pretty good. The game has potential, should be interesting to see how this sequel turns out.

Avatar image for TWayne1020

First game was OK, but did not live up to the hype. Hope they do better on #2 !!!

Avatar image for x-2tha-z

I enjoyed the original so I'll definitely check this out when it's released.

Avatar image for kennythomas26

@King_Gamer19 Prey 2 is going to be developed by bethesda and I'm pretty sure they are not owned by 2K games, but still this is great news.

Avatar image for kennythomas26

I loved the first one and now I get this news, Bethesda thank you for being the publisher behind this and I know human head studios will make this one a great game.

Avatar image for Arab-man666

Ah, the game Valve stripped of it's one innovate gimmick... and made a smash-hit seller game based ONLY around that one gimmick... portals I bet the Prey Dev team cried themselves to sleep when Portal started selling as much as it did- considering they conceived the idea in 1998...

Avatar image for Thoksville

@mtait01 +1 The imagination (and scale) in some of the levels was great. Great news.

Avatar image for mtait01

the 1st was such an under-appretiated game imo

Avatar image for -TheWormsMan-

Jesus Christ! Given how long Prey 2 has supposedly been in development I figured this had become nothing but vapourware. Fingers crossed it'll be worth the wait.

Avatar image for UltimateRAGEX

Prey Credits song :) << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for King_Gamer19

But just look at it last week 2K announced The Darkness 2 now Prey 2 I hope 2K keeps it up

Avatar image for King_Gamer19

LOL! This is stupid funny for me cuz I played the demo of the game & yesterday got Prey & this news comes in I hope I enjoy the first one so I will want this one when it comes out

Avatar image for thrice00

The ending with the song was nice touch.

Avatar image for pidow

The first game was great.

Avatar image for ash162

The first one is among the best FPS experiences i 've ever had. Go Bethseda give us another 'classic'

Avatar image for pad69


Avatar image for devrindare

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for DungeonLeader

So excited. It was a good, well paced corridor shooter with an interesting world, but it took a little long to boot a sequel out

Avatar image for scotwolf

enjoyed prey very much..hoping we get an even better sequel

Avatar image for LeoLex_

loved the first one, it was a very well made and beautiful game.

Avatar image for thrice00

The first one was fun but was it worth 50$ ??

Avatar image for blasterchief

@ady_1102 The story was average, the graphics and art design were really nice, the weapons were average and the enemies were really bad. Gameplay was solid but not spectacular, and the game was sort of repetitive at times. Overall? Average. Maybe decent. I'm not against a sequel though, it'd be interesting to see where it goes.

Avatar image for charlieboomboom

the begining was awesome until all the "out off body" crap :(

Avatar image for DaTa9192

Hopefully you can die this time.

Avatar image for CTR360

good news i love the first game

Avatar image for KillerJuan77

Great, I liked the original a lot.

Avatar image for 1N54N3

Can't wait :)

Avatar image for MichaeltheCM

awesome! i cant wait. i loved the first-hopefully this sequel will be as good or better :)

Avatar image for ady_1102

@ blasterchief wtf?? prey was the coolest shooter in 2006, with graphics way ahead of the time, and a story to match it....can't wait for the sequel to come's going to be epic to say the least

Avatar image for Ninjaboey

Prey was awesome. cant wait.

Avatar image for blasterchief

Prey was average, nothing more and nothing less. It seemed a lot more retro than usual FPSes, but this far along Prey 2 would probably be a completely different game.

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

@ anti-altair16 That was the fracking point of my comment you moron! I did not expect the game to come out this year but I'm happy that it is.

Avatar image for MoK86

wow they are just now making a part two to that terrible game? holy smokes what a waste of time and money

Avatar image for Drakkengoth

first game i played on the 360 and i have to say, its still more solid story-wise than anything mainstream. Go out and buy if u havent

Avatar image for anti-altair16

@MJ12-Conspiracy Under the article title, it clearly says "Bethesda Softworks teams with Human Head on sequel to gravity-defying, astral-projecting first-person shooter in 2012."

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

I didn't expect Prey 2 to come out this year, maybe 2012 or 2013 lol good news though. The first game was awesome.

Avatar image for dbeetham

They are going to have to improve on the first one by leaps and bounds for it to be a success.

Avatar image for inaka_rob

I got prey for about 10 bucks. It wasnt worth much more than that. I think it came eariler it would have made more of an impact. It was fun for 1 play through. it does have potienal to be a great FPS. but you really have to be top of the game to be a decent fps now a days. There are too many FPS coming out pushing the barriers every few months. if you are 3 years late, or even 1 year late getting you title out. you better have stuff to bring that will blow all competition out of the water. look at Brink. Bullet storm. they are game changers. then you have Battle Feild 3. That $$$$ looks REAL!!! Killzone 3 doesn't bring anything "new" to the genre, but it does it everything PERFECTLY which is super rare.

Avatar image for Henninger

Bout time.

Avatar image for method115

This was a great FPS. I don't even play FPS's anymore except for F.E.A.R.. I'll be on the look out for this one.

Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

With IDTech 5, this game could be sick. I'd like someone other than the native American hero from the first game.

Avatar image for BladeTrinity114

Awesome news! Loved the first Prey, looking forward to see what they'll be bringing to the table with the sequel. :)

Avatar image for fetusfart18

Reading through the comments, and all I can think is; why don't people understand the difference between developers and publishers? Bethesda is not making this, Human Head Studios is still the team behind development. (Wisconsin represent!). Bethesda is merely publishing it.