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President's Day 2020 PC Gaming Sale: Alienware Gaming Laptops, Desktops, And More

Great deals on gaming laptops and PCs in time for President's Day.


With President's Day just around the corner, Dell is throwing a big sale on gaming laptops and desktops that includes its Alienware subsidiary. In addition to that, there are a number of great deals on Dell's monitors and Logitech's PC gaming accessories. It's unclear when the sale ends, but with President's Day occurring on February 17, it's likely we'll see it run at least until then.

Dell's G-series and Alienware's M-series of gaming laptops are featured, all of which are capable of running most modern games at modest settings or higher. The gaming desktops, on the other hand, all boast high-end components, making for the best gaming experience out of all the PCs available in Dell's President's Day sale. And if you need a monitor to pair with your new hardware, then Dell has a number of great options that feature high refresh rates--144Hz and up. Of course, these are just a selection of the great deals on offer, and there are plenty more--not just for gaming. Be sure to check out Dell for the entire President's Day sale.

Best gaming laptop deals

Dell G-series gaming laptops

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Dell's G-series of gaming laptops aren't as stacked with powerful PC hardware as its Alienware counterparts, but they're also much more affordable. And saying that, they're still perfectly capable of running modern games at the appropriate settings--you likely won't be maxing out every little thing on these laptops. Each of the discounted laptops boasts a 1920x1080 resolution display, with some of them featuring an IPS panel. Two of the discounted laptops even come with 144Hz refresh rate displays.

Alienware M-series gaming laptops

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Alienware's M-series of gaming laptops aim to be both thin and powerful, making for a better, more portable experience than most gaming laptops can deliver. Dell has discounted a number of Alienware M-series laptops, many of which boast RTX graphics cards, 144Hz IPS displays, and SSDs. These components all help in making fast gameplay feel as smooth and stutter-free as possible.

Best gaming PC deals

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A number of desktop PCs are discounted in Dell's President's Day sale. The best ones feature 9th-gen Intel processors, RTX graphics cards, 16GB RAM, and an SSD.

Best gaming monitor deals

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Various gaming monitors from Dell and Alienware are on sale, and many of them feature excellent displays that are well worth the money. If you're in the market for a higher refresh rate than 60Hz, then there are a handful of monitors that you should check out.

Best gaming mouse deals

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Lastly, Dell has some great deals on Logitech gaming mice, including the very popular G502 Hero. These mice all feature programmable buttons, so you'll be able to remap your most commonly used actions to the side of your mouse.

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