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Pre-Orders Live For Halo Infinite Nerf Gun, Comes With In-Game DLC

The Amazon page for the new Halo Infinite Nerf blaster contains some intriguing new details.


Halo's MA40 AR weapon is being turned into a Nerf gun to promote the release of Halo Infinite, and now Microsoft has shared some new images of it and more.

The Halo Twitter account announced that the Nerf blaster is now in production, and pre-orders are now open. Amazon has posted a product page for the toy, revealing new details about the toy itself and a related DLC offer. The MA40 AR blaster features a "motorized" system that allows users to hold down an "acceleration button" and then squeeze the trigger to fire. It comes with a 10-dart clip and 10 darts, while it also includes a "rail riser" that can be attached to the weapon to customize it.

Intriguingly, the Amazon page also mentions that the $50 USD toy blaster comes with a code to unlock a "digital asset" in Halo Infinite. Specifics are not available, but a logical jump would be that the code will unlock a digital version of the weapon in Halo Infinite.

The Amazon page for Halo Infinite also mentions that the game will have "in-app purchases," which is no surprise given what Microsoft has already said about micotransactions in the game.

The Amazon page lists an October 1 release date for the MA40 AR Nerf blaster, but this looks like it might be only a placeholder.

Halo Infinite is due to release this holiday as a launch title for the Xbox Series X. The game will also come to the standard Xbox One as well as PC. For lots more, check out GameSpot's video overview that covers everything you need to know about Halo Infinite.

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