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Preorder Dragon's Dogma 2 And Get A Free Steelbook Case

Capcom's upcoming action-RPG is set to launch on March 22.


The long-awaited sequel to Capcom's cult-classic RPG Dragon's Dogma is almost here. Dragon's Dogma 2 releases on March 22 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Ordering your copy early will net you several in-game bonuses by default, but if you preorder the game at Best Buy. you'll also get a free steelbook case valued at $10 (while supplies last). If you're planning to play on PC, you can save big on your Steam key by preordering at Fanatical (a GameSpot sister site).

Dragon's Dogma 2 preorder bonuses

Dragon's Dogma 2 steelbook case (exclusive to Best Buy)
Dragon's Dogma 2 steelbook case (exclusive to Best Buy)

All Dragon's Dogma 2 preorders include the Superior Weapons Quartet item pack, which adds four unique armaments to wield in-game. Physical editions for PS5 and Xbox Series X preordered at Best Buy come with the steelbook case shown above. Dragon's Dogma 2 Deluxe edition preorders include the in-game item Ring of Assurance as an additional preorder bonus.

During the Dragon's Dogma 2 showcase late last yea, Capcom confirmed the sequel is set in a "parallel" world version of the original game--something that makes sense within the first game's established lore. Dragon's Dogma 2's version of Gransys features familiar locations alongside all-new regions to explore and new kingdoms featuring Elves and lion-like Beastren.

Dragon's Dogma 2's gameplay is similarly a mix of old and new concepts. All four starting vocations from the first game--fighter, mage, thief, and archer--return with retooled skillsets. Advanced vocations like Mystic Archer also make a comeback alongside new options like the Mystic Spearhead and Trickster. Dragon's Dogma's Pawn system is also returning, which allows players to create NPC companions that other players can hire to their party.

Dragon's Dogma 2 launches for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on March 22.

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