Prelusion announces two games

The Swedish game developer reveals its adventure game, Hauntings, and its third-person action game, No Man's Land.


Sweden-based Prelusion Games has announced two new games in development: Hauntings, a strategy-adventure game, and No Man's Land: The Western Front, a World War I third-person action game.

Information on both games is limited, but according to the developer, No Man's Land will let players experience World War I as a soldier in the trenches on the Western front from 1916-1918. It will feature a 3D engine that supports both dynamic and static lighting.

Hauntings will combine elements of both adventure games and strategy games. Players will assume the role of a ghost who must scare people away from their houses in order to please more powerful spirits and eventually be released from duty. It will include 21 missions with more than 50 different haunting tricks to use and more than 100 characters to frighten.

No publisher or release date for either game has been announced. For more information, take a look at the official Prelusion Games Web site.

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