Predator: Hunting Grounds Release Date Set With New Trailer

The asymmetric multiplayer game is coming to PS4 and PC on April 24, 2020.


Sony's final State of Play of the year was full of announcements and new game reveals, one of which was a release date for Predator: Hunting Grounds, which is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on April 24, 2020.

The competitive asymmetric multiplayer game is being developed by IIlfonic, the studio that brought us 2017's Friday The 13th. Both games adopt a similar structure, pitting one player who assumes the role of a movie franchise's killing machine against a team of significantly less cool humans. Predator: Hunting Grounds is a bit more like Evolve, though, as the squad of four humans are still armed-to-the-teeth soldiers as opposed to hapless camp-going teenagers.

The release date trailer reveals that there's some customisation involved when it comes to playing as the Predator, as you can choose between three distinct classes and numerous armor styles. The Hunter class, for example, is a versatile style with a balanced weapon choice. The Berserker, on the other hand, has extra power and health, while the Scout comes with increased speed and stamina.

One of these classes is a female Predator, which project lead and game designer, Jared Gerritzen, has been eager to share. "One of the secrets we have been keeping since announcing Predator: Hunting Grounds has been the inclusion of the female Predator," Gerritzen said on the PlayStation Blog.

"When we first came up with what this game would be, I knew we had to create a world where this ultimate female warrior would exist too. We had fun imagining her backstory which helped us create a fierce warrior that any gamer will have fun playing. She is agile, fast, and relentless. She is a huntress without fear and she thrives in the hunt. In the trailer we see her with a weapon that IllFonic created, the Yautja Bow. This is no ordinary bow, it deals massive damage to its prey and will pin the enemy to walls and other structures at death. She has access to the entire Predator arsenal as well."

That arsenal is showcased in the trailer, which features plenty of new and iconic movie weaponry. As the Predator, you'll be able to wield weapons such as the shoulder-mounted plasma caster, wrist blades, the Combistick spear, Smart Disc, and the aforementioned Yautja Bow, with the signature triangular aiming reticle featuring prominently.

The female Predator comes armed with the devastating Yautja Bow.
The female Predator comes armed with the devastating Yautja Bow.

The Predator also gets to collect its trophies, with the trailer featuring some Mortal Kombat-esque executions as the relentless alien killer rips out skull and spine from its human victims. So far there's no indication for how the soldiers intend to fight back against such a ruthless foe, other than by shooting at it with guns.

Those who pre-order Predator: Hunting Grounds will get bonus in-game items at launch inspired by the original movie. The '87 Predator Skin lets you play as the Predator from the original film, and Fireteam players also get early access to the powerful "Ole Painless" mini-gun. Meanwhile, the Digital Deluxe Edition on PlayStation Store comes with exclusive in-game items like PlayStation-themed Predator and Fireteam skins, and a digital copy of the 120-page Predator: Hunters by Dark Horse Comics.

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