Pre-TGS: New Shining Force game heads to the GBA

Sega announces a new game in its Shining series. It's headed to the Game Boy Advance.


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Sega has revealed that it will display video footage from its latest Shining Force game on the Game Boy Advance, Shining Soul. The game will enable four-player simultaneous play using the GBA link cable, though each player will need the cartridge to play. Players can select from one of four different classes--warrior (human), magician (human), archer (elf), and berserker (dragonute)--and they can also customize the color palette and other attributes in designing their own character.

Yoshitaka Tamaki, who previously worked on the development team for Shining in the Darkness and Shining Force, will be responsible for the character and monster design in the game. Shining Soul for the GBA is scheduled for release in the spring of next year in Japan. A North American release date has not been announced at this time.

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