Pre-TGS: Koei shows Dynasty Warriors 3

Koei to bring latest sequel to PS2 this year, discusses changes to US version.


Koei showed off an English version of the third game in its Dynasty Warriors series at a conference held today at its Japanese headquarters. The game, which just shipped in Japan last month, is already well on its way to completion and will appear on US shelves next month.

A handful of changes are being made for the US version, some of which were planned for the Japanese version but were cut in order to facilitate the game's September ship date. For starters, all of the game's speech has been translated into English. Purists, however, will be able to set the game up to use the original Japanese speech. The timing on the combo system has been simplified a bit to make it slightly more button-mash friendly. An in-air recovery move has been added in response to a problem with the Japanese version that allowed one player to infinitely juggle his opponent in the two-player battle mode. The game will also contain a few new forks in the story, depending on which character players choose. Finally, the game will feature a bevy of collectable items that can be enabled between levels, giving you extra life, weapons, and other powers.

Dynasty Warriors 3 is scheduled to hit the North American market in November.

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