Pre-Registration Opens For Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel

It's time to duel!


Konami has announced pre-registration is now open for Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel is now available for iOS and Android.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel is a new mobile game that offers a "fresh style of card battling" and can be played with up to four players simultaneously. Cross Duel will also feature a single-player mode, four-player versus, and a four-player co-op mode.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel will also include seven characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh animated series that you can partner up with or face off in a duel. You will also see 3D renders of recognizable Yu-Gi-Oh monsters in summoning scenes.

Players will have the option to customize monsters that'll allow them to unlock new skills and assign them to their cards. In Yu-Gi-Oh fashion, you'll be able to build and customize your deck however you see fit with new functionality.

Konami has stated that if 500,000 players pre-register for the game by the end of the pre-registration period, all Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel players will receive gems that'll unlock ten draws in the card Gacha.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel is a free-to-play mobile game coming to both iOS and Android. Players can pre-register now on the Cross Duel website or play it immediately, depending on what region you're based in.

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