Pre-ECTS: New media: Gunmetal

We have new screenshots from Gunmetal, Rage's Xbox title, which will be shown at ECTS.


Rage's second Xbox title at the show will be Gunmetal, a game that puts players in control of a huge mech. As the game's story goes, a battle machine--standing 10 meters tall and equipped with an arsenal of devastating weaponry--that can transform into a highly maneuverable jet fighter is the only hope of turning the tide of a recent war. As players progress through the 25 missions, they can also interact with the game's environments. They can squash rocks, knock down trees, torch crops, and bring entire buildings to the ground. Enemies will range from simple soldiers to highly complicated mechs and fortresses.

We'll have hands-on reports from the show floor when ECTS opens its doors on September 2. The game is scheduled for release shortly after the European launch of the Xbox in spring 2002. Thus far, the game has been announced only for the Xbox console.

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