Pre-ECTS: New F1 Championship Season 2000 Screens

EA showed the latest version of its F1 racing game for the PlayStation 2. Take a look at these new screens.


F1 Championship Season 2000

Electronic Arts released several new screenshots of F1 Championship Season 2000 just prior to the ECTS show. Already it is evident that EA's F1 development team has put emphasis on creating an authentic Formula One racing experience. Peripheral details such as a fully motion-captured 22-man pit crew and the direction of realistic track-camera positioning by real-life formula one race director Keith McKenzie add a true-to-life ambiance to the game. The game will also include pre-race introductions by F1 TV presenters such as ITV's Jim Rosenthal (UK), Jean-Louis Moncet (France), Kai Ebel (Germany), and Ivan Cappelli (Italy).

Electronic Arts has not yet announced a US release date for the game, so stay tuned for further coverage on F1 Championship Season 2000 for the PlayStation 2. The game is also being developed for the PC platform.

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