Pre-ECTS: Herdy Gerdy

The developers of Tomb Raider are going in a completely different direction with its Disney-inspired platformer Herdy Gerdy for the PS2. Take a look at some character art of the game and read the first details.


UK-based development firm Core Designs has several PlayStation 2 games currently under development, including Project Eden, Tomb Raider next-generation, and the mysterious platformer Herdy Gerdy. In Herdy Gerdy players assume the role of the title character Gerdy, who looks like he is taken straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon. The finished product will include colorful, Disney-influenced environments and cute characters. However, Core expects the game to appeal to a wide age-range and to that end it is implementing a complex story line and plot enhancement through character interaction. Specific gameplay details are scarce, but the game will include elements of exploration, puzzle solving, and the gathering of resources.

Core Designs has several PS2 projects and has been working with the hardware for some time. That experience with the admittedly complex PS2 architecture could serve them well in creating a visually impressive product like Herdy Gerdy that lives up to the company's lofty expectations. Herdy Gerdy is well into development and could be released on the PS2 by early 2001.

Take a look at the first character art from the game by clicking on the image above.

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