Pre-ECTS: First look: Crash

Rage will unveil a new project for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 at ECTS. We have the first screenshots from and information on the game.



Crash has nothing to do with Vivendi Universal's Crash Bandicoot but instead is a driving game that has a similar concept to Reflections' Destruction Derby series. We have the first screenshots of the game, just days prior to the game's official unveiling at ECTS. Rage's Crash will feature cars consisting of around 10,000 polygons each on the Xbox, which can be fully deformed during a race due to a realistic damage and wreckage system. So far, details about the game are sparse, but the company did say that the game will include "many multiplayer and single-player options, a variety of vehicles, and an exciting replay system." Tuning features, such as different paint jobs and decorations for each vehicle, were also mentioned.

The game will be shown behind closed doors at ECTS, and GameSpot is reporting live from the show. Expect more info about Crash when the show starts. The game is currently scheduled for release alongside the European launch of the Xbox. The PlayStation 2 version will be released later in the year, during fall 2002. The screens are from the lead Xbox version.

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