Pre-ECTS: Denki Blocks GBA

A new GBA game will be shown at ECTS, courtesy of UK-developer Rage Software. We're bringing you first screens and info.


Rage Software has sent us a new batch of screenshots from its puzzle game, Denki Blocks. The game is a digital toy set used to play a collection of single- and multiplayer puzzle games that take place on Puzzle Island. Players must manipulate a collection of blocks of different colors and join them together to make shapes. Featuring eight different play modes for up to four players, Denki Blocks is simple to look at, yet supposedly challenging to master, and is designed to suit all ages.

Denki Blocks will be available for the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color in October 2001. The screenshots shown are from the GBA version. We'll have more on the game when ECTS begins.

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