Pre-ECTS: Chicken Run

We take an updated look at the PlayStation version of Eidos' Chicken Run.


Chicken Run

The visual style of Chicken Run, which is reminiscent of claymation, lends itself favorably to a video game interpretation of the movie. Eidos Interactive and developer Blitz Games plan to use that to their advantage in creating Chicken Run. The game closely follows the movie's heroes Ginger, Rocky, and Nick & Fetcher and in many instances the story progression is achieved using clips from the movie itself.

Blitz plans to incorporate a non-linear style of play in Chicken Run, where players will have to use stealth, puzzle-solving, object collection, and play through chase sequences to navigate the game's large environments. Several sub-games, which utilize catapults, fireworks, and seesaws that enable the chickens to escape, are also included in the game.

There is plenty of development time left for Chicken Run, as the game's release is tentatively set for fall 2001.

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