Praetorians demo available

Eidos releases a demo for its upcoming real-time strategy game set during the era of the Roman Republic.


Eidos has released a demo for Praetorians, its upcoming tactical real-time strategy game. The demo includes one Roman mission from the single-player campaign, which will include a total of 24 missions. GameSpot Complete members can download the 74MB file from the link below.

In Praetorians, players command groups rather than single units, and the game emphasizes tactics and battle strategy over resource management and base construction. Praetorians is set around 50 BC, at the end of the era of the Roman Republic. However, players will be able to take command of barbarian and Egyptian armies in addition to the Romans.

Praetorians is set to ship in late February. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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