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PowerWash Simulator Looks Like A Cathartic Way To Fight Grime

Another one fights the dust in PowerWash Simulator.


There's a simulation game for almost every hobby and profession out there, although there has been a strange lack of titles dedicated to satisfying power trips of high-pressure cleaning. Developer FuturLab is filling this void with PowerWash Simulator, which, as the title suggests, is a simulator about power-washing homes and cars with a focused jet of water.

Not just a chance to feel like an unstoppable deity of dirt destruction, PowerWash Simulator is also focused on building up your own business in its career mode and completing dirty jobs across the town of Muckingham. There's no time limit or a nagging sensation to achieve a high score, just you, a filthy building, and complete freedom in how you want to finish the mission.

Because grime never sleeps, you'll need to use your range of washers, nozzles, cleaners, and extensions to clean up buildings afflicted with graffiti, moss, and mold. If you'd prefer to make a statement, selective cleaning will allow you to create works of art on the buildings that you treat as a canvas. Filthy art that might become a health hazard down the line, but art nonetheless.

"If it wasn't for the outbreak of a global pandemic and the global decision to transition millions of people to a 'stay at home unless you really really have to leave the house' protocol then perhaps we never would have found the right moment in time to introduce this idea to the gaming world," FuturLab said in a blog post. "There is a recognition amongst the team every day that we are working on the right game at the right time with a vision that is not only simple and elegant but also overflowing with creative and technical potential."

PowerWash Simulator is scheduled to be out by the end of June, but if that's too far away then you can check out a demo for the game or sign up for its Steam Early Access version.

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