PowerWash Simulator Gets PlayStation/Switch Release Date, Free Tomb Raider DLC

You can explore the stately Croft estate and give it a good clean when PowerWash Simulator lands on more platforms later this month.


One of the best games of 2022 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, PowerWash Simulator, is finally coming to PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on January 31. As an added bonus, a Tomb Raider pack consisting of five levels will be released for free on all platforms, giving you the chance to take a high-pressure hose to Lara Croft's filthy mansion and more.

You can see more of those locations below, with the manor taking plenty of inspiration from the iconic estate seen in Tomb Raider 2.

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"What Tomb Raider fan hasn't explored Croft Manor and thought 'Winston could really use some help with these grounds! I would love to power wash this place!'? Now, with the help of Square Enix Collective and FuturLab that's not only possible but immensely satisfying as well," Tomb Raider franchise manager Dallas Dickinson said in a press statement.

In case you missed it when it first came out, PowerWash Simulator is a cathartic game where you take on the dirtiest jobs and fight grime in the town of Muckingham. Amidst dirty parks, classic cars caked in mud, and fire stations in need of a deep clean, developer FuturLab's game is good clean fun that can be experienced solo or in co-op mode.

After patching up a slight problem that would make the game crash if you stared at the sun--which you really shouldn't do in real life either--FuturLab's cleaning sim has become a cult hit with players.

It was one of the main titles in this year's Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning charity and it was also one of GameSpot's best PC games of 2022.

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