Power Stone 2 Due This Spring

Capcom has officially announced Dreamcast and arcade versions of Power Stone 2 for this spring.


Power Stone 2

Capcom of Japan on Wednesday announced that it would release Power Stone 2 for arcades and the Sega Dreamcast. First and foremost, the game will now let up to four players play simultaneously. Expect new features and characters in Power Stone 2. Already, four new characters - a gunman named Axel, an evil cook named Guruman, the young boy inventor Pete, and the mysterious little girl Julia - have been announced. New stages in the sequel will also change environments as the battle progresses. For example, the battle may start on top of an airplane, as you fall off and fight in midair, and then continue on land. The arcade and the Dreamcast version will be linkable through the Visual Memory Unit, although it has not been specified as to how the VMU will be used.

Power Stone 2 for the arcades and Power Stone 2 for the Sega Dreamcast are scheduled for a simultaneous release this coming spring in Japan. Stay tuned for more info.

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