Power Rangers: Dino Thunder E3 2004 Preshow First Look

Forget mighty. Forget morphin'. The Power Rangers are all about dinosaurs now, and THQ is working on a new game based on the show.


After several focus shifts and cast overhauls, the Power Rangers are now entering their 12th season. These days, the show is all about Dino Thunder. And THQ is all about releasing a new game based on Dino Thunder.

In the series, three average students come into contact with mystical dino gems. Doing so transforms them into the Dino Thunder Power Rangers and gives them the keys to the dino zords, which are half dinosaur, half machine, and all action. They fight a constant battle against the evil Mesagog, who is planning to send the world back in time, back to the age of dinosaurs.

That sets the table for some third-person action gaming. Pacific Coast Power & Light is developing the game for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube. It will feature 10 open, free-roaming worlds with more than 50 different missions to take on. You'll be able to control 18 different zords in the game. The zords will extend beyond the Dino Thunder series, allowing you to control big robots from the Ninja Storm and Wild Force eras of the Power Rangers, as well.

The Game Boy Advance version is being developed by Natsume. On the GBA, the game will contain more than 20 levels, complete with megazord battles. Here, you'll be able to choose from the three rangers, each with a unique set of abilities.

All three versions of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder will be available in the fall.

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