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Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Funko Pops Are Up For Preorder

Go go Power Ranger Funkos!


This year marks the 30th anniversary since the Power Rangers first leaped onto TV screens and did highly choreographed interpretative dance moves before they started kicking Putty Patroller butts. To celebrate, Funko has revealed its new line of collectible figures. Based on the original Power Rangers team, preorders for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Funko Pops and each one will cost you $12 or $13, depending on where you preorder.

It's Morphin time.
It's Morphin time.


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The Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Black Rangers are all represented here, and each Ranger comes with their trademark weapon. All the small details of the costumes have also been captured, and on their oversized heads, you can gaze at their dinosaur-themed helmets. And yes, the belts have a little Morphin Grid belt buckle for that extra touch. Each figure is around four inches tall, and they all come in the signature Funko Pop box that can be easily stacked for display.

The Green Ranger is also available, and he comes with the special knife-flute that allows him to summon his DragonZord, which definitely isn't Mecha Godzilla.

If you get all six Rangers though, you'll naturally want to unbox them and place them together, as combined, they make quite the impression with their action poses.

The new Power Rangers Funko Pops will be available this fall. For more collectible deals, you can check out these specials on Bloodborne graphic novels and the Batman: Ultimate Movie collection from McFarlane Toys.

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