Power Gig signs Eric Clapton, padless drum controller

Boston-based developer also adds the Dave Matthews Band and Kid Rock to exclusive lineup for game with fully functional guitar and innovative drum kit.


With Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and Rock Band 3 shipping to home consoles before 2010 expires, and Green Day: Rock Band shipping this week, the year already has a solid slate of rhythm games. But in Boston, there's a storm brewing. Seven45 Studios, a New England-based developer, revealed today that Eric Clapton, the Dave Matthews Band, and Kid Rock will be exclusive artists for the studio's upcoming Rise of the SixString. When the game ships this fall, it will include a wireless drum controller, alongside its fully functional six-string guitar.

It's like drumming, without the drums.
It's like drumming, without the drums.

Each artist will lend "multiple tracks" to Power Gig, though only Eric Clapton's "Layla," the Derek and the Dominos version, has been confirmed as one of the game's 70-plus songs. The Dave Matthews Band is known for its improvisational style, while Kid Rock is an artist known for fusing multiple musical genres from rap to rock to country. Seven45 said the three acts will remain exclusive to the Power Gig franchise.

The second half of Seven45's announcement was the revelation of the game's drum kit. Dubbed the AirStrike, this ultraportable percussive plastic instrument differs from those already on the market, because it rests on the floor and is not propped up by anything. The drum pad has color-coded circles on its face that emit LED lights, which are in turn captured by the game's sticks. The sticks have accelerometers inside them that allow the game to know when the player is actively engaged in keeping the beat of a song. The AirStrike drum peripheral and the game's guitar will be compatible with all music games currently available.

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