Potential CoD: Warzone Hack Lets Cheaters End Games Instantly

Some players are encountering cheaters that can end matches of Warzone wherever and whenever they choose.


A new, nasty hack might have been discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone, with cheaters apparently able to end matches instantaneously.

There are two accounts of the hack being used in-game circulating on Twitter, with both showing final killcams that are usually reserved for Modern Warfare's competitive multiplayer mode. In the first clip from streamer Bisag10, it shows how a team fight is prematurely finished and the match ended once a cheater (noticeable by the otherwise illegal in-game name) dies.

In another instance, a player has a match end after encountering another cheater, even though the in-game counter clearly shows over 60 players still alive. In both instances a killcam is displayed before rewarding each player with a victory.

The last detail is curious given that a bug in Warzone from over a month ago was doing the same thing. As Charlie Intel reported at the time, one Warzone player experienced a bug where the game ended as they landed, rewarding them with possibly the fastest victory in the game.

It's possible that this bug is now just becoming more frequent, or cheaters have figured out a way to manually trigger it. Given that the two instances above occurred right after players encountered a cheater, that might suggest the latter.

Activision hasn't yet commented on the hack, and more occurrences, if they're happening, aren't being shared as widely. It could mean that this is an isolated incident, which is good news for Warzone players ahead of a big in-game event that was teased yesterday.

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