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Postal Remaster Coming to PC, PS4 With New "Rampage Mode"

PC version of Postal Redux coming this spring with a PlayStation 4 release to follow.


A new, updated version of 1997's third-person isometric shooter Postal is on the way. Developer Running With Scissors has announced Postal Redux, described as a remastered version of the original. It's coming to PC and Mac this spring, with a release for PlayStation 4 to follow later in the year.

Its launch on PS4 represents the Postal franchise's console debut. A version of the game for Xbox One or Wii U was not announced.

For Postal Redux, Running With Scissors is adding a Rampage Mode. As its name suggests, this mode rewards you for playing aggressively by upping a multiplier for every consecutive kill in a streak. Once a level is cleared, players will receive a grade, and presumably this can be shared via a leaderboard.

"Postal Redux will maintain the elements that made the original Postal world-renowned," reads a line from the game's description. "The grim art style, frightening ambiance, the omnipresent 'demonic voice,' and the marching band will be faithfully recreated in this modern day take on a title which became a symbol for free speech in gaming."

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Postal sequel Postal 2 was released in 2003, with a new expansion called Paradise Lost landing in 2015.

"Even with all the noise surrounding Postal, gamers focused on the experience, playing the game by the millions, giving it great user reviews and helping us not only survive, but flourish. Postal Redux is a love letter to our fans," Running With Scissors founder Vince Desi said in a statement.

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