Postal 2 blamed for arsons

Police say Running With Scissors PC game inspired three teens to set fire to eight cars and one home over three weeks.


Postal 2

Police in North Carolina have arrested three 19-year-olds in connection with a three-week-long string of arsons, and they're saying the charged got the idea from the controversy-seeking 2003 PC game Postal 2, according to a report on WSOCTV.

Eight cars and one vacant home were set ablaze in Gaston County near the South Carolina border, and the trio are facing more than 20 charges in connection with the crimes. Police said that teens broke into the cars and stole valuables before setting them on fire. One of the teens had previously been charged with arson, and police said he led them to the other two suspects in the case.

This is not the first time the Postal series has been tied to unlawful acts. Media reports in the wake of a Montreal shooting rampage claimed the man behind the gun enjoyed playing the game, and in New Zealand it's a crime to even possess Postal 2 since that game was banned. Postal creator Running With Scissors was also sued (unsuccessfully) by the US Postal Service for trademark infringement, while a satirical promotional site for the Uwe Boll-directed film based on the games sparked another suit over intellectual property.

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