Possible next-gen game from Naughty Dog spotted - Report

Fan spots unusual art in The Last of Us developer video.


Naughty Dog has yet to announce a game for the PS4, but a fan has discovered a possible link to a next-gen PlayStation game from the Uncharted developer, according to a report from IGN.

The two figures were spotted in a Naughty Dog video.
The two figures were spotted in a Naughty Dog video.

A fan captured a still of a Naughty Dog developer video that may contain a glimpse of previously unseen art.

The still, which can be found at the 2:43 mark in the video (embedded below), displays two figures dressed in clothing that does not appear to fit into The Last of Us' present-day universe.

The captured still has led to speculation ranging from new multiplayer components of the upcoming The Last of Us or Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, to art for an unannounced next-gen title.

The Last of Us is set in a post-apocalyptic world and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. The game was originally slated for a May 7 release, but was delayed to June 14. At the time, Naughty Dog explained that due to the "massive" nature of the title's story, extra development time was needed to "ensure every detail" was up to the developer's standards.

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Unchated 4 plz, thx, bye

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@vivalatour thank you for this post sir...it made me chuckle...as well as made me wonder about our great education system in this country.

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@aermeus @vivalatour Spelling is correct as is the majority of the punctuation. Granted "dumbed" is not a word but it is used quite often in the gaming industry.

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@aermeus @far-outdude OK you had me lost, it showed as a direct comment to me so that is what confused me.

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@far-outdude It had nothing to do with punctuation or spelling. He made a statement about the Americans winning the Civil War...last time i checked the Civil War involved both sides being American...
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They say they want to meet the games highest potential and they they make it console only? Talk about not living up to the potential of a game! If they want it to be the best it can be they should release it on PC where it would truly shine rather than dumbing it down for consoles.

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@far-outdude for graphics only? nah.

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@santinegrete @far-outdude Graphics on consoles are horrible. They don't measure up to PC not even close.

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@far-outdude Not all games are made for you, if you don't like the console market, Fine don't. But don't expect for a minute that you are more enlightened because you play on pc. Playing on pc is also WAY easier than playing on consoles, I have certainly no trouble with either but it does take more training and skill to be fast and efficient with a controller. And NO it does not dumb down a game, I would even go as far to say that, because a mouse is so accurate, one could have extreme superskills and kill about everything on a screen compared to what you can do in a console game. Also exclusive games is a nice concept and should not be given up, multiplatform is not the key for all titles. Maybe you should go learn using a controller...

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@xiaoyangguang @far-outdude Games are certainly dumbed down for Console, the graphics are not able to be maximized because the consoles can't do what a PC does console wise, they can't be as fast because consoles can't process the information as fast as a PC and those are just 2 examples. Consoles are not on a level playing field and they never will be and for that reason consoles will always be inferior. Oh and to the whole controller thing you bring up I laugh at that because the controls of the PC are much harder to learn than those of a Console. I have used consoles in the past, PS1 & 2 and found them much easier than a PC in almost every aspect, I am just not willing to give up speed of play and better graphics to invest in another console.

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@lophead25 Well at least you are polite, I do appreciate that. I just see no sense in creating something on a PC and then making it inferior for a console, the idea mystifies me.

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@far-outdude @xiaoyangguang A great game isn't born from ultra realistic graphics, its the art and creativity. It's not the hardware, its the game-play and stories. Exclusives make you feel part of a great community. I am not saying PC is bad or exclusives games are the best. But, neither consoles or PC is superior nor inferior to the other. Its not a must, its a personal choice.

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Naughty Dog needs to go multiplatform, their reputation is completely mostly unknown by the majority who missed their games. That said, i would like to see them make a Pirate themed open world RPG adventure game

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@megaspiderweb09 *Majority who missed their games. Lol what a contradiction, they have made some of the best current generation games, so what you assume is... well your own assumption. The good thing with game developers is that they make games they want to make and not those you want them to make.

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That will never happen.. Microsoft is too concerned about other things and PlayStation has the edge when it comes to exclusive content like games like this. I total agree with Salanderr. If they give that up there would be no point. PlayStation might not have alot of games but they damn sure got the best titles and that's why they kick @ss. You want certain BS titles you buy Xbox you want kid games you buy the WII and if you want the real damn good titles you buy PlayStation. On that note this game is gonna be sick.. Don't hate Xbox Lovers just buy a PlayStation ladies..

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@megaspiderweb09 No way. Microsoft have lost almost all of their exclusives games. All they have is Halo and Gears of War. Sony on the other hand have dozens and dozens of Playstation exclusive games. It's giving them an edge. If they lose that there's almost no point in even having different platforms. They will all have the same games.

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Uncharted Racing

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

The pirate-like appearance of these characters and the apocalypse-causing fungus in The Last of Us make me think of the crew of The Flying Dutchman in Pirates of The Caribbean.

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Sir Francis Drake.

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Anything Naughty Dog release is always good... I look forward to seeing this "New" game

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They look like pirates to me. Naughty Dog and the age of pirates were made for each other.

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Those look like characters that might appear in this game... what´s all the fuss about ? I mean, look at it closely, what makes you think these are not enemy/character sketches for the Last of Us ?

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Their outfits?

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Im going to also guess Uncharted 4. Whatever it is, I am sure I will get it. Naughty Dog has really impressed me with their games.

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Hmm the guy on the right does look a bit like Sully and could the guy on the left be Nate with longer hair? Uncharted 4? Could well be...

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@robertcain What they time-traveled? Come on

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@foxrock66 @robertcain A flashback to Sir Francis Drake's period could be a possibility...

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Uncharted 4

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intriguing to say the least

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Went into Gamestop yesterday to preorder this. This will be a very immersive game. One where I'll take my time playing. I'm so stoked!

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Looks like 18th/19th century clothing, almost reminds me of the latest Assassin's Creed game.

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Crash: tag team racing?

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Ermmm I think this theory is reaching some what.

The last of us looks good though shame its only on PS so ill never play it, oh well.

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@stev69 This is what I think every time I see any news about Naught Dog... I can't wait for the PS4 to come out so the prices on PS3's drop so I can experience all of the exclusives I never got on my 360.

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Noughty Dogs and DICE deserve all your money!!!!

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@Aria1368 And Activision!

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@Aria1368 Dice? How about no

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@foxrock66 @Aria1368 Yeah... I agree with fox. Since being taken in by EA, DICE no longer falls in the category of developers you just throw your money at without first thinking about it.

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@Aria1368 and Rockstar!

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@mwamba1 @Aria1368 and Kojima!

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@LukeWesty NOOOOOOO not EA! lol

Avatar image for gzg9jg

@LukeWesty huhhh????

Avatar image for felhound329

@LukeWesty the hell with EA.!

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And EA!

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@ramb1402 @M3o5nster @mwamba1 @Aria1368 And me!

Avatar image for ramb1402

@M3o5nster @mwamba1 @Aria1368 and Valve!

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Probably just an in-game character...

Avatar image for Leboyo56

@snob Actually I take that back, they look like characters out of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

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I love Naughty Dog as a developer but I don't think this really qualifies as news. Speculating about the meaning of a random piece of art seen during a developer video when its completely out of context gets us what exactly? Naughty Dog has two teams and we don't know what the team that put Uncharted 3 together is doing right now. But we aren't likely to know either until Naughty Dog wants us to know.

Avatar image for silent_riku

@endorbr @endorbr You're most probably aware that The Last of Us was also first hinted in Uncharted 3 as an unassuming newspaper with a headline that was completely out of context within the Uncharted Universe. I'm all for not putting too much thought into a speculation but since Naughty Dog has done it before then I wouldn't be too surprised if that oh so random piece of art turns out to actually be another project they're working on or even Uncharted 4.

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