Possible next-gen game from Naughty Dog spotted - Report

Fan spots unusual art in The Last of Us developer video.


Naughty Dog has yet to announce a game for the PS4, but a fan has discovered a possible link to a next-gen PlayStation game from the Uncharted developer, according to a report from IGN.

The two figures were spotted in a Naughty Dog video.
The two figures were spotted in a Naughty Dog video.

A fan captured a still of a Naughty Dog developer video that may contain a glimpse of previously unseen art.

The still, which can be found at the 2:43 mark in the video (embedded below), displays two figures dressed in clothing that does not appear to fit into The Last of Us' present-day universe.

The captured still has led to speculation ranging from new multiplayer components of the upcoming The Last of Us or Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, to art for an unannounced next-gen title.

The Last of Us is set in a post-apocalyptic world and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. The game was originally slated for a May 7 release, but was delayed to June 14. At the time, Naughty Dog explained that due to the "massive" nature of the title's story, extra development time was needed to "ensure every detail" was up to the developer's standards.

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Already Pre - Orderd this one. I usually don't pre-order because lets face it, games don't sellout anymore like they did with PS2. Also, This article is pretty pointless. If you watch the video the images are so blurry and far away that it couldn't be thought of as anything special. Talk about "reaching for news." It must have been a slow day in videogame news yesterday.

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Hmm...this is rather intriguing. For a moment I thought it might be something to do with The Order: 1886, but the clothing on those two figures would fit better with a hundred years earlier than that. I'll be interested to see what is revealed about this game.

On a side note, I'd like to see a game about a naughty dog. :P

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I would like to see Naughty Dog try something other then third person shooter/adventure games. Would be pretty neat to see a rpg come out of that studio but I guess thats a little too different for them to try though..

Avatar image for acelogan1989


Avatar image for el_swanno

At 3:50 did that woman say they were going to "send it back to Team Ico"??

Are Team Ico involved in this?

Avatar image for max-hit

Yeah keep making exclusive titles so because of it we have to buy a console that we don't need.

Avatar image for shingui5

@max-hit yes, how dare they use a sound strategy for their consoles!

the bastards and their....money making!

Avatar image for Itmeow

@shingui5 @max-hit Well from the developers point Naughty Dog would make more if their titles weren't exclusive to one system.

Avatar image for Slim_Lyrics

@Itmeow @shingui5 @max-hit Yeah but who funds Naughty Dog? the purpose of exclusives is to serve as incentives for persuade people to buy a console. Sony would be fools to fund a highly acclaimed franchise and release it on their rivals console.

Avatar image for jonp13579

@max-hit what???!!! is the you being an xbox fanboy?!

Avatar image for TimeFrame

@jonp13579 @max-hit Honestly I found it pretty irritating that I had to buy a PS3.. But now I got both an Xbox 360 and a PS3.. So I am good. But i'd wish that all games developed for either ps3 or xbox 360 came out on both consoles.

Avatar image for max-hit

@Slim_Lyrics @max-hit @ahpuck This is what I'm saying as well. The a console competition instead of game developers competition. see the difference?

Avatar image for Slim_Lyrics

@max-hit @ahpuck Why do you think Microsoft pushed so hard to capture exclusives and create an indie friendly environment?So they can compete against Sony. Why has Sony tried so hard to supplement it's console with game after game after game? So it can compete against Microsoft.

The first party exclusive boom that your seeing from Sony is due to shilacking that the PS3 has suffered this generation at the hands of Microsoft. Competition brings out the best in people. In the case of Sony it made them realize that their initial arrogant nature and lack of focus on games costs them this generation. In response to that they focused on financing gaming experiences that were truly unique. These Sony exclusive are due in large part to Sony' financial and technical assistance. Microsoft would never of funded projects like Journey or the unfinished swan or Ni No Kuni. They never would of taken risks if ideas such as PSASBR, Starhawk or Little BigPlanet. Yet Sony did, because of competition.

Why do you think Microsoft has taken it's focus off of providing engaging and unique video game experiences in place of Pizza apps, XBL reskins and timed exclusive? Because it knows that there are more of than enough 3rd party dev to create games fr its console. As a result of that Microsoft has become complacent and shown that it no longer cares about games.

I don't own an Xbox (i have a ps3 and gaming PC) and it's not because i'm a fanboy or an xbox hater. It's because Microsoft has failed to prove to me that they care more about video games than they due about turning a video game console to a set top box.

My greatest hope is that Sony's commitment to gaming will allow them to dominate the next generation and do to Microsoft what Microsoft did to them this generation, forced them off their arrogant path and make them focus what their console was made foe,to play video games. When that happens, i'll gladly go out and but an Xbox.

Avatar image for M3o5nster

@TimeFrame @jonp13579 @max-hit That's why I only bought a PS3 in the first place... I already knew they'd have the exclusives I'd want.

Gotta know yourself as a gamer.

Avatar image for max-hit

@ahpuck Would you be so kind as to first tell me what it means and then explain me why?

Avatar image for ahpuck

@max-hit Wow, you're a whole new level of wrong.

Avatar image for max-hit

@DrRockso87 @TimeFrame @jonp13579 @max-hit The competition will always be there no mater what. A competition between game developers can be beneficial (quality wise), but what competition can be there for the game developers when an exclusive title is playable only on one platform? But why do I care? All I see is that we have to pay for 3-4 machines to have the ultimate gaming experience. In addition to that the console hardware will become old and limited after just a few years; hence, all the efforts and artistic care that are put into a game must be played on a limited machine. Both ends, we wont win anything.

Avatar image for DrRockso87

@TimeFrame @jonp13579 @max-hit Why? Competition drives innovation. If companies didn't feel the need to compete against each other then they would become lazy (case in point: Square and Enix merging; their game quality dropped after that).

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We see it at E3. Fact.

Avatar image for Lebowski__basic

Looks like Lewis and Clark.

Avatar image for TheSkyrimStatue

@Lebowski__basic That's just like... your opinion, man

Avatar image for eyepro

Omg this is really something I have always secretly wanted since I played Oregon Trail like 20 years ago. A good Lewis and Clark game would be so badass. Just a massive open landscape that you could explore and map, while killing wildlife and making peace with tribes would be badass. This is what I was hopeing for from AC3 but it failed me.

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