Portal to Hell Tycoon opens

New Web site for Anarchy Entertainment's devilish sim welcomes visitors.


Hell Tycoon

Tycoon games have come in all types of endeavors. Those with their eyes set on upper-management positions can run amusement parks, zoos, and even lemonade stands. Anarchy Entertainment, creator of such PC business sims as Coffee Tycoon, Moon Tycoon, and Deep Sea Tycoon, is heating things up in its next game. Fittingly on 6/6/06, the company has opened the gates to the official Web site (may not be suitable for minors) for Hell Tycoon. The game pits players into the cloven hooves of the netherworld's ruler, with the task being to get Hell back in shape and keep the tortured souls screaming for all of eternity. The site introduces some of the game's celebrity parody characters and offers visitors a chance to sign up for the Hell Tycoon newsletter. The game's release date has also been updated and will now be released "before Hell freezes over."

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