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Portal Shooter Splitgate 1.0 Launch Delayed To August As Dev Receives $10 Million To Fix Congested Servers

Developer 1047 Games' free-to-play portal shooter Splitgate has gotten so popular that a venture capital firm is investing $10 million in cash to help the team increase server capacity.


Splitgate, the free-to-play portal shooter from developer 1047 Games, has had its official 1.0 launch delayed into August so the team can work on server capacity after receiving $10 million from a venture capital firm.

The game has exploded in popularity this month despite being on the market since May 2019. 1047 Games turned Splitgate into a cross-play, cross-gen title on July 13 and in the 14 days since, over two million people downloaded it. This surge in players caused widespread server issues, with many unable to get into matches because Splitgate's servers were reportedly always full.

1047 Games tweeted on July 22 that current server capacity is only capable of handling 65,536 concurrent players; optimization is futile at this point.

As a result, Splitgate's 1.0 launch will miss its July 27 release date. It's now targeting a drop sometime in August so 1047 Games can have more time to address the server issues. Venture capital firm Human Capital has injected $10 million in cash into the developer to help them access the engineering and support necessary to scale the backend and bolsters server infrastructure.

Splitgate will remain in open beta until its 1.0 release, though some of the planned launch content will drop on July 27 as scheduled. This includes three new maps, more customization options, mouse and keyboard support, an FOV slider on console, and customizable controller layouts and mappings.

Splitgate is an arena shooter where players launch wormhole portals to traverse tight corridors and open chambers to get the drop on enemies. It combines elements of Quake and Portal into a familiar shooter experience with a sci-fi twist mirroring the likes of the Halo and Titanfall franchises.

Splitgate is available for free on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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