Portal live-action short film hits YouTube

Los Angeles filmmaker and Totally Rad Show cohost Dan Trachtenberg has written and directed a short film inspired by Portal.


Valve's critically acclaimed Portal series is continuing to prove its potential in other entertainment mediums, having already inspired a comic book and, now, a live-action film.

The seven-minute film, titled Portal: No Escape, was written and directed by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg, who also hosts the Totally Rad Show, a daily pop culture video podcast distributed by Revision3.

Trachtenberg first debuted the film during last month's Comic-Con on the Totally Rad Show panel and has since released it on YouTube. The film stars Danielle Rayne (General Hospital, Law and Order) in the role of Chell, a prisoner in a grim-looking facility who discovers a portal gun and uses it to attempt an escape.

According to Trachtenberg, the film took one and a half years to make, with production beginning prior to Portal 2 being announced.

In the past, Trachtenberg has directed commercials for Lexus, Nike, and Coca Cola.

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