Portal designer reveals new game

Kim Swift's downloadable title Soul Fjord will be exclusive to $99 Android-powered Ouya console.


Portal designer Kim Swift and the team at Airtight Games have announced Soul Fjord, a downloadable game due out exclusively on the $99 Android-powered Ouya console.

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Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman revealed in February that Swift and Airtight Games were working on an Ouya-exclusive, though its name and details were not divulged until this week.

Soul Fjord is described as a randomly generated dungeon-crawler with rhythm-based combat. The game is set in a fantasy world where the genres of '70s funk and soul have melded with Norse mythology.

In Soul Fjord, gamers player as Magnus Jones, a warrior slain in battle but brought to Valhalla by the valkyries. As it turns out, Magnus has been left off the guest list and must fight his way to the World Tree to salvage his reputation as "baddest Viking in town" to gain entry to Valhalla.

Swift also worked on Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 at Valve before she left in 2009.

The Ouya launches publicly on June 4 through retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GAME, GameStop, and Target, as well as through the Ouya online store. Additional controllers can be purchased for $50.

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