Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Moonbase! Death Spiral!

Moonbases, death spirals and crazy chain reactions! Witness the lengths to which Guy and Jane will go to win this week's Portal 2 Tests, as judged by Sarah.


Portal 2

Guy and Jane go head-to-head to win the great honour of having their map proclaimed 'Test of the Week' by this week's judge, Sarah. Which will triumph; gravitational escapades, or fiendish puzzles?

Download this week's tests from the Steam Workshop:

Moonbase Luna-C by Catsy

Solid_field by ColorCubeMan

Death Spiral by Ocean_Sunfish91

Chain Reaction by Artishock

Have you made your own test chambers? Seen any you think should be featured? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @gamespotuk!

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