Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Kate Nash, Escorts, and Quantum Entanglement

Johnny and Danny take a look at three Portal 2 community test maps and manage to keep the mouse steady the entire time.


Portal 2

In our third weekly roundup of Perpetual Testing puzzles, Danny and Johnny play through a rather unremarkable map with a fun ending, a map containing two cubes stuck together with science, and a map that's like one of those ball mazes you'd get in a Christmas cracker. You know, the really cheap Christmas crackers that had stuff like sewing kits and nail clippers in them. Enjoy!

Download this week's tests from the Steam Workshop:

Are You Still There Mate? WHEYYYYYYYYY by Ljb

Escort by Nash

Quantum Entanglement I by rendermouse

Have you made your own test chambers? Seen any you think should be featured? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @gamespotuk!

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