Portal 2 spawning on April 21 in Australia

This release date is not a lie.

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Few games have had as big an impact on gaming culture as 2007's Portal, spawning fan-made papercraft, memorable catchphrases, and even a Rock Band song. With this in mind, few people were surprised last year when Valve announced that a sequel was in the works, but unlike the typical Valve production cycle, which is renowned for taking an eon, Portal 2 was slated for a 2010 release.

Unfortunately, and somewhat expected, it wasn't to be, and 2010 saw two delays for the much-anticipated puzzle game, with the second knocking it back to April 2011.

While North American gamers have had a solid date to mark in their calendars for weeks now, Australians have been left with no more than an "April" date. That changed this morning when EA's Australian arm confirmed that Portal 2 would be released on April 21, two days after its NA release on April 19.

Portal 2 is set 100 years after the first game and sees the return of both Chell and GLaDOS as they face off against each other in the Aperture Science laboratories. Cooperative play has also been added into the mix and brings along two new robotic characters, Atlas and P-body, who star in their own story that's independent of the main plot of the game.

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