Portal 2 opening on PS3?

Purported magazine cover appears to reveal that Valve Software's dimension-hopping sequel will be coming to Sony's console.


The Orange Box
Portal 2
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Source: British site Computerandvideogames.com, the online home of Sony-centric PSM3 Magazine.

What we heard: Last month, Valve Software revealed it was readying Portal 2, a full-fledged sequel to its award-winning first-person puzzle game, for a holiday release. However, while the first Portal was released for the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 as part of the 2007 Orange Box compilation, its follow-up was announced only for the latter two platforms and the Mac, which Valve is now supporting wholeheartedly.

That's either confirmation of Portal 2 for the PS3 or one major typo.
That's either confirmation of Portal 2 for the PS3 or one major typo.

Given that Valve's last two games--Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2--were released only for the PC, Xbox 360, and (now) Mac, it looked like Portal 2 would not be released for the PS3. Bolstering that assumption was Valve Software CEO Gabe Newell's vocal criticism of Sony's console. The veteran developer, who was recently honored with a Pioneer Award at the 2010 Game Developers Choice Awards, has repeatedly complained about how the platform's Cell processor is difficult to work with and outsourced PS3 porting duties for the Orange Box to publisher Electronic Arts.

Now, it seems that EA may also be porting Portal 2 to the PS3. The cover of next month's issue of PSM3 clearly lists "Portal 2" as featured in the magazine, which covers only PlayStation 3 and PSP offerings. Though the announcement is not official, the upcoming game--which will introduce co-op play in a mode separate from the main storyline--has its title listed under "36 must-play PS3 games" along with Fallout: New Vegas, Brink, Crysis 2, and the Medal of Honor reboot.

The official story: (Sound of crickets chirping) -- Valve spokesperson.

Bogus or not bogus?: Not bogus…unless PSM3's copy editors let a doozy of a typo slip through.

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